Our facilities are available for rent to members of the community.

We charge a daily fee of $125 for the use of the facilities.

Fellowship Hall

The fellowship hall is approximately 2,000 square feet, with the following features:
Full kitchen with 2 sinks, 2 stoves, and 1 microwave.
Some refrigerator and freezer space is also available while you are using the facilities. (availability is not guaranteed)

An outdoor shelter house is also available, as well as an outdoor amphitheater. The shelter house also has a brick chimney style charcoal grill.

We have a large playground area, as well as about 2 1/2 acres of lawn for larger needs.

Several other notes:
-All tobacco use is prohibited inside our facilities. Smoking/vaping is permitted outdoors, as long as you are at least 8 feet away from an entrance. (Indiana law)
-All alcohol is prohibited on our property due to United Methodist doctrine.