All music must be worship appropriate.  The Pastor has final say on all music choices.  This is a worship service first and foremost.

If musicians are coming in from outside the church, they must be in contact with the Pastor 2 weeks before the wedding rehearsal to go over the guidelines. They are expected to attend the rehearsal.

Music of either a classical or sacred nature is appropriate for a service in the Sanctuary or Chapel.  Contemporary Christian music is also allowed after review from the Pastor.

Any other musical ideas must be brought up to the Pastor.  His/her decision is final.  On the wedding day, musicians should complete all pre-service rehearsals one hour before the service begins.

When picking out potential songs, it is best to always ask “Does this glorify God or not”.


All recorded music must be provided to the pastor via audio CD or MP3 (MP3 preferred, USB drive is best)  at least a week in advance so it can be forwarded to the multimedia team. Portable media devices like iPhones or iPads as music sources are not allowed due to the nature of their operation. (if they go to sleep the sound operator may not be able to unlock it, etc)